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Dear Blog,

Hello, It’s me, Anne.  Do you remember me?  My poor blog…I have neglected you.  I have not forgotten about you.  It is a classic case of “It’s not you, it’s me”.  Just after Easter, I came down with a cold that kicked my butt.  I was forced to stay in bed for 2 weeks.  I did not cook during that time, nor did I blog about the food I had made previous to falling ill.  Then, after recuperating, I started a new job, that has also kicked my butt.  I have come home tired, and felt completely uninspired in the kitchen.  However, now I am getting used to my new schedule, and feel that it is time to get back in the kitchen, and stop neglecting you, my blog.  Here’s to many more months of consistent blogging!




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Finally, after a very long search (viewed almost 15 apartments), and temporarily living with friends, we have an apartment of our own!  Amos and Sadie apparently approve of our choice in residence, and are loving their new place.  Amos loves to look out onto our back porch, and is looking forward to us fulfilling the promise of someday taking him outside on it…

We are not quite done unpacking boxes, which makes for fun climbing and exploring for both of the kitties.  Sadie and Amos appreciate having our bed back, and usually retreat there during the day for napping.  Amos chooses to snuggle-in to our king size Laura Ashley pillows…

While Sadie sits like the princess that she is…

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Amos and Sadie, our cats, are seriously the best!  They’ve adapted to, yet again, another temporary home and have complained very little.  They are troopers!   Sadie did moan and meow in protest on the car ride over, and they both hid and slinked around the new place for a day.  But now, they are strutting around like they own the place.  They especially love the winding staircase!

When we move the cats to a new home, Adam and I try to “cat proof” the place as best we can, and then we like to observe the cats intently to see what trouble they can get into.  Luckily, Sadie and Amos are not bad cats.  They like to play and explore, but are not completely destructive.  Amos particularly does not like closed doors and will push on them, try the door knob, and stick his paw under the door and rattle it.  On the first night, he managed to open Robert’s bedroom door, and both Amos and Sadie paid him a visit at 4 am.  How could you be mad waking up to those two staring at you?

The other day, as I was getting ready to leave the apartment, I could not find Sadie.  I looked everywhere – closets, cabinets, bathrooms, bedroom, under everything – no Sadie.  I started to freak out a little.  This is where I found her…

All snuggled up in a Whole Foods reusable grocery bag.  Sadie supports my efforts to “go green”, and doesn’t want me to forget about her when I go food shopping!

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Several weeks have gone by without a post about our kitties, Amos and Sadie.  The holidays were busy for everyone!  Amos and Sadie went on another road trip for Christmas to my parents’ house in Vermont, and even made a new friend, my sister’s dog, Sella.  It was the first time either of them had seen a dog.  Adam and I were surprised that both Sadie and Amos seemed interested in Sella, and didn’t hide the entire time.  We were equally impressed by Sella.  She’s a big girl and could stomp them in an instant, however, she was fairly calm and gentle with them.  It was a very good first meeting!

Now the kitties are back at our apartment, and back to their normal routines.  Sleeping hard…

And playing even harder…

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Adam and I are cat people.  We love our cats like they are our children.  We worry about them, make sure we are feeding them the best food, and we want them to be happy.  We, like other cat people, believe that our cats are special.  I mean, heck, I even devote a post a week to them on my cooking blog!  Our Amos and Sadie have very distinct personalities, and likes and dislikes.  They are not pretentious or prissy, however, they do have some favorite things.  Cue music:  “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”  These are a few of their favorite things:

1) Napping

Amos and Sadie, like every other cat in the world, love to nap.  They sleep for the majority of the day.  Amos prefers sleeping on soft things – a folded up towel on a chair, the comforter on the bed, a blanket on the couch, and separated laundry on the floor.  Sadie will sleep just about anywhere, including the floor, however, she loves to nap on the office chair.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m usually sitting in the chair, too!

2) Wet Food

Sadie and Amos are not finicky cats, they like pretty much everything that you put in front of them.  Both Amos and Sadie go crazy for Friskies Meaty Bits.  As soon as Adam walks through the door at night, they run into the kitchen and start meowing incessantly.  I hate the fact that they are addicted to this stuff because I don’t feel that it has any nutritional value.  We give them high-quality, made for sensitive stomachs (Amos has tummy issues) dry cat food.  However, Amos loves lapping up every drop of the gravy, his tummy tolerates it, and we like to make both of them happy.

3) Cat Dangler Toy

Speaking of happy, the next item on the list of Amos and Sadie’s favorite things is the Purrfect Feather Cat Toy™ .

This little beauty provides hours of fun.  Seriously, if you have a cat, you need to get this!  It comes with an insert, so once they destroy the first one, you have a back-up.  They go bonkers for it, I mean “certifiably insane” for it – spinning in circles, jumping in the air, flipping, and diving!

4) Scratching Post

Another cat essential, that Amos and Sadie love, is a scratching post.  They love stretching out while scratching and it steers them away from the couch.  We actually have a large cat climber/scratching post in storage.  This is similar to the one that we have in our sublet.

These are only a few of their favorite things…

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Oh, the life of a cat…

Sadie and Amos have spent the greater part of the week recovering from Thanksgiving.  For Thanksgiving, Sadie and Amos took a road-trip with us to Vermont.  They’ve taken long car rides with us before (drove from Los Angeles to New York City).  Sadie and Amos certainly do not like being contained in such a small space, but after 30 minutes, they slept almost the entire way there.  They actually did very well adjusting to the new surroundings of my parents house, except for the first night.  Both cats had so much pent-up energy, they went bonkers – playing with their toys, and trying to get into everything, including closets, luggage, and other bags.  After that, they enjoyed roaming from room to room, and seemed content with their new temporary home.  Sadie and Amos grew very cozy with the pieces of turkey everyone gave them, and seemed a little sad when the turkey stopped coming.  Though they had a lovely time at my parents’ house, Sadie and Amos were happy to return home.

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Since Adam has been away, it has been interesting for the cats.  It is sometimes hard to tell what a cat is feeling, especially when one of their “humans” is suddenly not around.  Do they miss their human?  Are they sad?  Hopeful for their return?  I have to say that, for our cats at least, they feel all of those emotions.  When they hear any noise in the hallway coming towards our door, they both take-off running side-by-side to the door, hopeful that it will be Adam.  They sit there dutifully until all hope of Adam walking through the door is gone.  It breaks my heart.  I, at least, know that Adam will be returning in a few days, but the cats don’t know this.  I talk to them and tell them that he is coming back in a few days, but I highly doubt they get this – they don’t really have a sense of time, except when it is time to eat their stinky “wet food”.  Luckily, our cats do not hold a grudge, and will gladly welcome Adam back when he arrives in a few days.  This might not be the case for my sister’s dog…

My sister set-out on a month-long road trip at the beginning of November.  She is driving from state-to-state interviewing for residency after medical school.  Her dog, Sella, is being taken care of by family.  This is a dog that sleeps with my sister every night, goes running with her, rides along as her co-pilot in the car, and has been there for her unconditionally during difficult times.  Being away from each other has been as much of an adjustment for my sister, as I imagine it has been for the dog.  Sella, unlike my cats, can hold a grudge.  My sister is worried that Sella will be angry with her upon her return.

While it is hard to be away from your loved-ones while they are away on business, it is almost harder to be away from your pet because you can’t explain to them why you are gone, and that you will be returning.  Their feelings of abandonment can’t be eased by a telephone call.  They can only be loved by the person who is taking care of them.  Luckily, cats and dogs have an amazing ability to forgive and things go back to normal very quickly.

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